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Soon it's time for EOC - here is the Swedish squad

Between 3 and 7 July will the national team tournament European Open Championship be played.

European Open Championship is for Boys 17 this year. 20 nations will be participating in EOC. Now the Swedish squad has been selected. We let national team captain Toni Johansson introduce each player who will play in the tournament.

Olle Söderquist, HK Silwing/Troja: "Stable goalkeeper from Silwing/Troja who is very well schooled and is good at both close shots and nine-meter shots."

Viggo Håkansson, Ystads IF: "Guaranteed the tournament's tallest goalkeeper. Enormous reach and reliable positioning means he saves many balls.”

Oskar Arnell, Lugi HF: "Energy goalkeeper who has the strength to always take the important balls when it matters most."

Left back:
Ludvig Bratt, HK Aranäs: "A left-sided player who played at nine meters before during his youth years. Fantastic first game at the back in both spinning balls and taking stürmers.”

Vincent Värja, HK Silwing/Troja: "Moble left back who is quick on the counterattack and has a fine finishing technique that he uses well."

Right back:
Alfred Arnelin, OV Helsingborg: "Can sometimes jump from the cafeteria and score goals. Large toolbox, which makes it hard to read.”

Alvin Lindvall, HK Aranäs: "Extremely good counterattack player and scores goals in his single counterattacks. Has shown good form in the age group over in his club team."

Lowe Nilsson, Ystads IF: "Has played at nine meters until this season and has since had a great development as a centre back. Although he's quite big, he is very mobile and good at finding surfaces."

Ludvig Svanström, IFK Kristianstad: "Incredible team player who never complains. Is not the world's biggest but has a well-developed middle six technique, especially in the blocking game, which means that he always creates spaces for himself."

Arvid Andreasson, Alingsås HK: "Always works hard and works like an animal in both defense and attack. Is all-round and good at catching balls.”

Left wing:
Liam Hultberg, Ystads IF: "Enormous physical capacity, which sometimes makes it look ridiculous in comparison to others."

Nikola Roganovic, Eskilstuna Guif: "Plays extremely maturely and is good at making decisions. Good at both breakthroughs and shots.”

Centre back:
Mattias Söderberg, Lugi HF: "Fine playmaker who is very good at keeping both the game and the group together. Can be used in several different positions backwards.”

Ola Peterson, Önnereds HK: "Has an enormous basic capacity and never makes a bad effort. Can, like Mattias, be used in several positions at the back."

Right wing:
Måns Fredriksson, Önnereds HK: "Has the characteristic that he always scores a lot of goals. Unbelievable at creating situations for himself that you hardly understand how he succeeds.”

Fabian Gudmundsson, Önnereds HK: "Haven't played handball for a very long time but have had an almost senseless, rising, development curve. Very good defensive player.”

Here are the groups in EOC:
Group A: Croatia, France, Czech Republic, Romania, Brazil
Group B: Sweden, Iceland, Poland, Latvia, Estonia
Group C: Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, Lithuania, Belgium
Group D: Spain, Faroe Islands, Israel, Finland, Netherlands



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