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Stacy enjoys the role as cafeteria manager

Stacy Roness is one of Partille Cup's all amazing Crew Members.

Stacy Roness has been a cafeteria manager during both Partille Cup and Gothia Innebandy Cup. She and all the other Crew Members do an invaluable job during the tournaments.

Stacy Roness really enjoys being the cafeteria manager during the tournament weeks. A lot happens during the days, when children, young people and leaders from all over the world meet in Gothenburg and the surrounding area.
– I've had the morning shift and organized everything with staff, breakfast, dishes and lunch. I communicated with the kitchen to get information regarding the food to be served, says Stacy Roness.

She applied to be a Crew Member for Partille Cup as she had a gap in her schedule that week.
– I was interested in the Partille Cup. I think everything about the tournament is fun, she says.
Stacy Roness enjoys experiencing all the meetings that the tournament contributes to.
– You can see that the children have so much energy on the first day. You can also see when they're tired, haha.

What is the best thing about being a cafeteria manager?
– I like my job because I have many years of experience and Partille Cup needs more staff. It's definitely a fun environment to work in. All the kids are happy and I feel like I'm doing something really important for kids. That's what makes me happy and satisfied.
What do you think about handball as a sport?
– Handball is a fun sport that motivates the children, says Stacy Roness, who is now studying gender studies and works in a restaurant.

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