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Star coach Ljubomir Vranjes: "Partille Cup is magical"

The Swedish legend Ljubomir Vranjes visits the Partille Cup with his daughter and dog.

Former national team player and current star coach Ljubomir Vranjes and his dog Louie follow Vranjes daughter Esther during the Partille Cup.
– Partille Cup is magical, says Ljubomir Vranjes.

Ljubomir Vranjes made 164 international appearances, won both European Championship and World Cup gold and played for clubs such as Redbergslid, Spanish Granollers and German Nordhorn and Flensburg-Handewitt during his active career. Since then, he has had great success as a coach. He will soon move to France and Nimes.
– I look forward to the culture, the food and the language but above all the team and a new adventure. It will be exciting, says Ljubomir Vranjes when we meet him at Heden.
He knows a lot about the French league.
– I chose Nimes because I'm curious about how everything works. The league has had the best individual players in recent years, so they're doing something right. It will be interesting to work there for a few years.

He's learning French at the moment.
– The French is getting better, haha. I learn all the time. It is my sixth language, so it will take some time. I know Spanish, German, Serbian, English and Swedish since before.
Nimes finished sixth last season.
– We want to be better in the future. Now the goal is to finish among the first four or five teams and get to play in the European cups. Within three years, we want to be able to fight with the bigger teams.
Niclas Eliasson from the Swedish town Falkenberg represents Nime's football team. He has previously told media how nice the weather is in Nimes. Ljubomir Vranjes has also heard that.
– I don't think it's raining so often, if you say so, he says with a laugh.
Vranjes takes compatriot Jesper Konradsson with him to Nimes.
– I've analyzed the team for a long time. I think the team has missed something to be able to beat the better teams. Jesper Konradsson can be such a player who helps the team to beat the slightly better teams, says the head coach.

He is at the Partille Cup to follow his daughter Esther in Lugi's G16 team.
– I think they're good. They have won three matches and lost two. The girls seems to be having fun.
They're actually not completely different from each other in the style of play.
– She's reminding of me. Esther is playing on the left side. She is small and quick.
He himself has played the Partille Cup on one occasion.
– Yes, I played with Redbergslid once. It may have been 1990 or 1991. Then it was asphalt and not as nice as now, says the 48-year-old.
"Ljubo" describes the Partille Cup as magical.
– It's magical for the players involved but also for us who watch. I, who have been working with handball for a while, get energy from being here and watching the young people and children. It's fantastic. An enormous amount of work is being done with the tournament.
During the week, he takes the opportunity to walk around a lot in Gothenburg.
– It's not often I have time to be at home in Sweden and in Gothenburg. I have walked with my dog ​​Louie for almost 20 kilometers these days and just enjoyed this nice city, says Ljubomir Vranjes.



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