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Stars of tomorrow meet their national team heroes

The girls' team from the Faroe Islands was supported by their role models on the sidelines.

H71's G13 team was surprised as they found Faroese top players Elias Ellefsen á Skipagøtu and his brother Roi on the sidelines of their game and they were very happy to get a picture with the pair.

Hoyvik, a town in the Faroe Islands, is a place that really loves its handball. After an hiatus from Partille Cup due to the pandemic, last year about 400 people from the town came out to the tournament to play and support. This year the number is “only” an estimated 150 people. One of the teams present is H71’s G13 team, and they got a surprise visit on the sidelines for one of their games. Elias Ellefsen á Skipagøtu and his brother Roi, both well-known Faroese handball players, showed up to support the girls.

Elias just made the move from IK Sävehof to THW Kiel and has featured for the Faroese national team, and younger brother Roi plays for Hallby. The Faroe Islands men’s team just qualified for the European Championships in 2024 for the first time, the smallest nation to do so. The siblings were watching the girls play from the sidelines, cheering them on and taking a picture with the whole team afterward. Something which was much appreciated by the girls who were very excited by the prospect of a photo with their heroes.
– It means very much to me because handball is all my heart, says Maria Magnusdottir Dam. 

She often watches the Faroese players’ matches, either on the broadcast or in person, alongside her family or with her friends.



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