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Sweden won the EOC premiere after a great comeback

Sweden was down by three balls at the break against the Faroe Islands in the opening match of the European Open Championship but turned the game around and won after a very strong second half.

The Faroe Islands impressed with a strong defense and attacking play during the first 25 minutes. But in the beginning of the second half, Sweden turned a 7-10 deficit into a 15-10 lead. Sweden scored eight (!) straight goals. Anna Danielsson made several important saves. Sweden could at last win by comfortable 23 goals to 15.
- This was fun! It was our first international match so it was a bit nervous in the beginning, but it was great fun that we could win the game, says match winner Anna Danielsson.

She thinks that Sweden had a clearly better attacking game in the second half.
– We got off to a good start in the second half and our offensive play got much better. We only played well defensively in the first half. It was nice that the attacking game worked as in training during the second half, says the goalkeeper.
Anna Danielsson herself made save after save in the second half.
– It's great when you can help the team. I am satisfied with my performance. I only conceded five goals and two of them were penalties. I have to be happy with that, she says.
The 16-year-old likes the experience in the tournament so far.
– It's fun to be here. It's a great event. I have never played the "regular" Partille Cup. I would have done it if I haven't got selected to this team. But it became the national team instead, she says with a smile.

They had the support of many swedish fans in the stands at Valhalla.
– It was very fun with great support. We are not used to it!
She previously played for Karlskrona. But now she has just started representing Alingsås HK.
– I have moved up to Gothenburg and will go to Katrinelundsgymnasiet. I have played two tournaments for Alingsås HK. I feel ready and think I can develop a lot here.
Anna Danielsson thinks it is amazing to get to wear the national team jersey.
– It's a fantastic feeling! I'm so grateful for that. And it was not a bad debut. It feels good, she says and smiles again.
Sweden hopes to go far in the European Open Championship.
– It looks good. I don't know much about the other teams. We will do our best to win, says the goalkeeper.

Text: Eric Nilsson
Photo: Emelie Hübner



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