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Swedish star player Jamina Roberts: "This is Heden at its best"

Jamina Roberts from the swedish national team visited Heden and Partille Cup on Tuesday.

Jamina Roberts has played 199 international games for the swedish national team. Partille Cup has always been close to her heart.
– This is Heden at its best, says Vipers Kristiansand's new signing.

Jamina Roberts grew up with the Partille Cup.
– I have been here every year since I started playing handball. I think I missed a single year when I played. This is Heden when it's at its best. I don't know how many times I've played but it is many times. I usually come here in the summer every year, says the 32-year-old.

She has also won the tournament.
– I first won the Partille Cup when we played the 21-year-old class. Then we won two or three times.
Jamina, who has become swedish champion with her home town club IK Sävehof seven times, appreciates the atmosphere at Heden.
– It's like a party. You play handball in sun and rain here and all the weather has its charm.
She has recently changed club. Her contract with the big norwegian club Vipers Kristiansand started on 1 July.
– It feels good. I look forward to getting there and starting to play. I know they have won the Champions League two years in a row, so it can only get worse now that I get there, haha. It seems to be a stable, good and safe club and environment. Then they have some experienced players who have been around for a while. It would have been great to win the Champions League, says Jamina Roberts.

She has visited Kristiansand before.
– I met them in the Champions League with IK Sävehof. When I got there, I had no contact with them. I was really surprised how nice it is. It's located on the coast and there is a beach in the middle of the town. The first thing I saw was the Monki clothing store, so it was great. We move next Friday, says the national team star.
But before that, she will have time for a trip to Portugal.
– I will go there tomorrow and watch my brother Kelvin, who plays the Junior European Championship there, says Jamina Roberts.


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