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Talented Wiktoria from Poland: “People from all around the world play handball very well here”

Talented Wiktoria Pilarska is in love with the Partille Cup.

Wiktoria Pilarska from the Polish side UKS Morski Sianow has scored many goals in this tournament. She will work hard to reach the national team. But first, she wants to enjoy the week in Gothenburg as much as possible.

Wiktoria Pilarska har already scored more than ten goals in the Partille Cup 2022.
– This tournament is very great. People from around the world play handball very well. It’s an amazing thing. And we like Gothenburg very much. It’s my first time here, says the 18-year-old.
She’s great but a bit modest about her own performances.
– Sometimes I play good, sometimes not as well. I try to be the best I can be.
But that a fact that she’s the top scorer in UKS Morski Sianow’s G18 team.
– Yes, I’m one of the better players in my team.

The girls from Poland got a fantastic start to the tournament and won their first two games, but then lost a hard game against Swedish team H43 Lund.
– I think that we have a chance to reach the semifinals. I have to watch more games to be sure but I hope so, says Wiktoria Pilarska.
They have especially one really good quality.
– Our strength is to play one versus one. It’s one of the best things that my team can do.
She’s focused on getting better and develop as a player every single day.
– My dream in handball is to get selected for the national team. I hope that I will be that some day.
In fact, handball has developed in Poland.
– Handball is quite popular in Poland. It’s not as big as football and volleyball, but the sport is still growing in my country.
She has one idol in particular.
– Karol Bielecki is my role model because he lost his eyes and he is still played despite that, says Wiktoria Pilarska.



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