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The Brazilian coach: "The players behave very well"

Celebrate the Game is a fair play project that Partille Cup runs to create a better environment and a better climate for everyone, on and off the field.

One of Celebrate the Game's important messages is "The coaches are volunteers". Thays Teixeira from the Brazilian team BRH is one of the coaches that knows the importance of fair play.

It's Thays Teixeira first time at Partille Cup.
– I’m really happy to have came here. It’s been a great experience for me as a coach from Brazil. The handball culture here is amazing, says Thays Teixeira.
She's impressed by how all the participants behave during the games.
– The teams always plays with fair play. We had a situation when our goalkeeper was injured. The girl didn’t shoot and didn’t score. She waited for our goalkeeper. It was very fair play of her. It was very nice of her to do that, she says.

How important is it with fair play you think?
– It’s very important with fair play. We teach the kids that they have to think about people and treat each other and other people in a good way. Our players are very nice to coaches and other players. They say thank you for everything and say good luck to other teams and behave very well, says Thays Teixeira.
She thinks that the coaches has an important role. They always lead by example.
– We have to think different as a coach. I don’t want to yell that much and I want to educative for the kids, she says.



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