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The 18-year-olds in the Indian club Himland HC love the experience

The players in Himland HC’s B18 team learn new things in handball all the time.

Himland HC is from Haryana in India. The 18 year old boys learn very much during the stay in Gothenburg. 
– The environment is very good, says the coach Jatinder Gill.

Himland HC lost all the games in the group stage. But that’s okey for them. They’re here to learn and to make new friends.
– We love the environment. We meet new people from different counties. The teams in the tournament are really playing good. The players are more physically strong here. This is my second time in the Partille Cup. This is a very big opportunity for the players, says Jatinder Gill.
They’re not used to play with glue on the balls.
– We have no glue on our balls. Then we came here, we got surprised as all the balls had glue. We use the same balls but without glue. That’s why the players aren’t very comfortable. But we are getting better all the time, the coach says.

They’re from Haryana, which is close to Punjab.
– W’re a big club in India, we’re one of the five biggest clubs in the country. Cricket is a much bigger in India. But now, young people are starting to show interest in handball. Many youngsters have started playing. Handball in India will definitely get bigger soon, says Jatinder Gill.
The players are really happy to get this experience.
– Partille Cup is very good. Many people come here to watch it. I like everything about the tournament. We love to stay here and to play here. Gothenburg is very nice. This is not at all like in India. The Partille Cup is very well organized, says the player Shandeep Singh.


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