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The Belgian players: “The play is faster and tougher here”

Waasmunster DHC is from Belgium, which is a pretty small handball country.

Partille Cup is an excellent experience for the players in Waasmunster DHC’s G16 team.
And they're impressed about the high level in the tournament.
– The handball here isn’t at all like the handball back home in Belgium, says the player Marieke De Laet.

We meet the players Marieke De Laet and Pauline De Clercq after a close game against Volda HK from Norway that the Belgian team won by one ball. Marieke De Laet scored the winning goal.
– We meet teams from different countries in the Partille Cup. We never do that, so it’s special here. It’s not easy, but that’s the fun part according to me, says Marieke De Laet.
– It’s very nice to meet teams from other countries, says Pauline De Clercq.
They also loved the weather on Wednesday.
– It’s sunny, we are burning ourselves a little, says Pauline De Clercq with a laugh.
The team were here three years ago, but the team has changed a lot since then. But the feeling at Partille Cup is the same.
– We like the city and we like everything here. Gothenburg is not like Antwerp where we come from. Here’s a lot of more trees and large buildings, says Marieke De Laet.

Like in many countries, football is the main sport in Belgium.
– Handball isn’t big. We maybe have 15 teams in whole Belgium. It’s not at all like football, football is so much bigger, she says.
Marieke and Pauline think that the handball they play in Belgium is quite different to the handball that is played during the Partille Cup.
– The handball here isn’t at all like the handball in Belgium. It’s more difficult to play here. The play is faster and tougher here. The teams are softer in defense in Belgium, they both say.
According to the two players, handball is just a fun hobby for them at the moment. But...
– We wants to get better as we get older, says Marieke De Laet.
Pauline De Clercq adds:
– Hopefully will we play in the national team in the future!



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