"The cohesion that is created is so incredibly nice" - Partille Cup

"The cohesion that is created is so incredibly nice"

Veronica Andersson and Emilia Sand are two of Partille Cup's excellent officials.

Veronica surrounded by happy Icelanders.

Without the Partille Cup officials, the tournament would not have been possible. Two of these stars are Veronica Andersson and Emilia Sand.

Veronica Andersson thinks it was absolutely fantastic to be team leader during the Partille Cup and Gothia Cup.
– It's tough and intense with long days, but at the same time so incredibly rewarding to meet all the fantastic children and young people, coaches and leaders. When you work so closely together at all hours of the day, great bonds are created between all parties, she says.
As a team leader, you act a bit like the spider in the web in the daily communication between the organization, the school hosts, cafeteria staff, cleaning staff and the law.
– The team leader ensures that administrative tasks are taken care of, that cohesion is good and that daily operations run smoothly. Together with the stars I had as school hosts during both cups, we came up with activities to do with the young people when they didn't have their matches and made sure that there was comfort and security, says Veronica Andersson.

During the Partille Cup, all the young people who lived at Samskolan were from Iceland, which meant that they all had an incredible cohesion and cheered each other on during each other's matches.
– During the last match day, we had several teams that got to play matches and the young people asked if I could come and cheer them on during the matches, which of course I wanted to do. One of the teams made it all the way to the final and won that match. Then the guys climbed up on a bench to high-five me one by one where I was standing in the stands when they had won the final. It made me really feel that they genuinely wanted me there and my support during their match and I was so proud of their fine handball game, says the 30-year-old.
During the last evening, the winning team called her out to the reception.
– When I came out, two teams had gathered to give me their match shirts as a parting gift. Then I was moved and happy by their nice gesture.

During the Gothia Cup, the weather was magical for most of the tournament.
– Then we bought a water sprinkler and offered juice during the super hot summer days. The children played in the school yard with the water hose and there was a water war with both us in the staff, the children and the coaches. On the last evening, we organized a film night at the school where we showed a film on a projector and pulled out lots of sofas. This was much appreciated and the children's laughter filled the premises.
Veronica Andersson thought it was incredibly rewarding to be there with all the children and young people.
– It's sometimes difficult, but the joy they spread is priceless. It's such a nice cohesion and feeling every day with long days, little bus lines and little gestures of love. With each passing day you get closer and closer to all of them and to see both their personal development and development within the sport during this week is fantastic.

On weekdays, she works as a project manager at Gothia Towers.
– Being able to participate and create memories is exactly what I'm passionate about. I don't do any more sports than yoga and walking, so they are quiet activities if you compare them to football and handball, she smiles.
She is happy to be a team leader also next summer.
– The cohesion that is created during these weeks is so incredibly nice. I really had a dream team during the cups and the coaches and above all the players contributed to a wonderful atmosphere with a lot of joy, sportsmanship and community, says Veronica Andersson.

Emilia Sand also worked as an official during the Partille Cup. She has been a school hostess during both the Gothia Cup and the Partille Cup.
– I was lucky enough to work with a friend whom I have known for a long time, so that was just a little plus on the edge. The best part was probably the community and the experience itself. I have a tendency to take on too many tasks and do more than I need to. There was cleaning on certain surfaces, check-in, change of pistons, fire inspection, and a bit of good and mixed. Everything went quite well, then you have days when it can feel a little more difficult, says Emilia Sand.

The 21-year-old has fond memories of the tournaments.
– The best part was dancing and spending time with the team. We also recorded TikToks but the funnest of all was probably the step competition in the Partille Cup.
She appreciated helping out as an official.
– I really liked the job. I like doing social work and it's even better when it's a football cup considering I've been playing football all my life.
Emilia Sand has registered her interest in also working with the Gothia Innebandy Cup.
– I'm super excited. I've never participated in the tournament, but my brother will participate, so it feels exciting, she says.
In addition to football, she has also trained herself in gymnastics. She is currently studying and working at night in an LSS accommodation.
– I like spending time with friends and family in my spare time, says Emilia Sand.


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