The flying goalkeeper from Norway - Partille Cup
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The flying goalkeeper from Norway

Maja Storeide Sörheim both saves shots and scores goals in the Partille Cup.

Norwegian Maja Storeide Sörheim acted both goalkeeper and goal scorer at Heden today.
– I'm not really a goalkeeper, says the 16-year-old with a laugh.

Maja Storeide Sörheim scored three goals for Volda HK in the match against Waasmunster from Belgium. The remarkable thing about that is the fact that Maja was the team's goalkeeper in the match.
– I'm not really a goalkeeper at all, but we had none today. I'm usually a centre back, says Maja Storeide Sörheim.

In other words, she had a special role today. Maja ran up and down the pitch all the time.
– I was both a goalkeeper and scored goals, haha. I didn't want to stand there in the goal, so I moved forward. That was the tactic we tried today.
Are you going to be a goalkeeper for the rest of the tournament?
– Maybe in the next match, but preferably not. I hope I avoid it in the future. Then we will draw lots about who will be the goalkeeper. I prefer to play outside.
What was it like to be a goalie then?
– It was new and fun, but not optimal. I usually play there, but it was fun that I got to try this too, she says and laughs.
Volda HK made a good match and scored twelve goals but eventually lost with a ball.
– This was tough but very, very fun. It was a bit pity that we lost, but it was fun to try a new tactic.

As if she hadn't ran enough during this match, a new one was waiting afterwards.
– I will play with the older team in a while, says Maja Storeide Sörheim.
She loves the Partille Cup.
– It's very fun here. I've not been here before. We have longed for this for a very long time, and to meet everyone from all other countries, she says.



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