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The French club has registered seven teams

Cesson Rennes Métropole Handball will participate in the Partille Cup for the first time since 2010.

Cesson Rennes Métropole Handball is one of the biggest clubs in the Partille Cup 2023 so far. They have already registered seven teams for the tournament.

The Cesson Rennes Métropole Handball is located near Rennes in Brittany in the west of France. The club started back in 1968 and is a professional club. They have good senior teams but also a great academy. Seven of their youth teams will play in the Partille Cup next summer.
– The Partille Cup is the biggest handball tournament in the world.  We have already participated in 2010. And it's a very good tournament to assess the training of young people at the club. We have registered seven teams to help our young people progress and introduce them to other cultures and other handball nations, says the leader Mehdi Boubakar.
What do you like about the Partille Cup?
– The general organization of the tournament and the board. I don't think there is such a tournament in France. I have already participated in the Partille Cup as a player, says the leader.
What are your hopes for next year's edition of the Partille Cup?
– I don't know if our teams will go far but we come to play the competition thoroughly. We expect an irreproachable conduct from our teams with very good behavior.
Do you think more French teams should take the opportunity to play in the Partille Cup?
– I hope other teams will participate, because it's a very formative tournament, says Mehdi Boubakar.



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