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The happy winners from Skanderborg: "This time we will win the Partille Cup"

Skanderborg is here to have fun - and to win.

Skanderborg's G15 team opened the group stage strongly with a big victory. Now the happy danes want to go all the way.

After winning their premiere match against the icelandic team Stjarnan with 25 goals against one, the Skanderborg girls jumped around in a circle and celebrated together. What would handball be without joy?
– It's very good here. The best thing is to face teams from other countries. I like being here with my friends and I like to play handball, says Laura Soo.

This is not the first time she participates in the world's largest youth tournament in handball.
– I've been here before, before the corona pandemic. Then we finished second. This time we will win the Partille Cup, she says and giggles.
She's more than happy with the team's start in the group stage.
– We've played our first match and we won. We play the next game during Wednesday and we will win again.

Laura Soo belongs to a team that plays offensive and goal-oriented handball and they especially have one outstanding quality.
– We are good at counter attacking. That is our team's greatest strength, she says.
Laura and her teammates all agree that Gothenburg is a very nice city. And there's one place that they prefer to visit.
– We like Liseberg. We were there last time we were here. I like the rollercoasters, they're very good.
The girls from Jutland also enjoy the atmosphere at Heden.
– The feeling here is very good. Everyone has good spirit. It's fun to be here.
When we ask her about her dreams in handball, she answers:
– I have no dreams like that, I mostly want to play handball and have fun with the team, says Laura Soo.
She quickly adds:
– And win the Partille Cup!

Partille Cup is first and foremost about love of handball and friendship, but Skanderborg does not mind also celebrating successes on the field along the way!



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