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The Herkules coach immortalized the Partille Cup victory with a tattoo

The Partille Cup means a lot to many participants. And the tournament meant the world to Herkules, who became the first Brazilian champions in the history of the Partille Cup this year.

Marcos (to the right) has a fantastic tattoo.

The assistant coach of the team, Marcos Alexandre, immortalized the glorious moment. Now he has both the trophy and the gold medal tattooed on his left leg.

His colleague Renata Ferreira was his inspiration.
– I showed him my Partille Cup tattoo when I did it in 2019 and he said to me that he will do one too, but he’s crazy. It’s so much bigger than mine, says Renata Ferreira with a laugh.
Herkules won the B15 category this year. The players and leaders were extremely happy after the final, maybe the happiest winners in years. Afterwards, Marcos Alexandre, decided to make a tattoo of both the trophy and the gold medal.
– Brazil is a country where handball is not valued. When you belong to a team who wins the best tournament of the world for the first time, it needs to be marked forever, says the assistant coach of Herkules.

He really loved the whole experience in Gothenburg. Herkules means a lot to him.
– I come from a favel (working-class neighborhood in Brazil) where it’s always more difficult for dreams to come true. When the mastermind of Herkules, Alexandre Zuza, invited me to be a coach, I was elated. One of the greatest moments in my life was when I was invited to be part of the technical committee in the Partille Cup, says Marcos Alexandre and continues:
– Herkules is a great team, the best from Brazil, but the Partille Cup has the best teams in the world so we knew that it would be difficult to win. It was the most exciting feeling for me and for all the players. It was the first time that a team from Brazil were champions in the Partille Cup.

What kind of reactions have you got about the tattoo?
– I showed people the tattoo and they said: “Are you crazy?”, “amazing” and “beautiful”. This is the most significant tattoo on my body, says Marcos Alexandre proudly.


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