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The Indians are learning as the sport develops: "The number of players is increasing all the time"

The B18 team Himland HC from India had a wonderful week in Gothenburg.

The 18-year-old boys in Himland HC could not have had a better week in Gothenburg - despite the fact that they got a surprise when they got here and then suffered a number of tough defeats.
– The people in and around the Partille Cup are absolutely fantastic, says the coach Jatinder Gill.

It was a very educational week for the B18 team. The joy was great.
– The environment is very good in the Partille Cup. We meet people from different countries. The teams here play really well and are physically strong. It's a huge difference compared to the teams back home, says the coach Jatinder Gill when we meet him in connection with one of the team's matches at Heden.
The players in the team from Haryana, which is close to Punjab, got a shock when they arrived in Gothenburg.
– There was a problem. We always train with a simple ball without glue. When we got here, it was glue on all the balls. It's very different from what we're used to. That is why the players are uncomfortable while playing. But they're constantly getting better, says Jatinder Gill.
The 18-year-olds enjoyed playing the sport they love, despite the tough results.
– We like playing here, it's so well organized. It's a very good experience to come here and play. It's my second time here. It's handball fever in Gothenburg. Everyone really plays handball here. It can be compared to the interest in cricket in India, he says.

Himland HC is a big club.
– We're one of the five largest clubs in India. Our players come from different areas of the country. They come to us just for playing handball.
Cricket is the national sport of India.
– Most people like cricket or basketball. But now handball is getting bigger. Indians are more interested in handball now. Handball will definitely get bigger in the future. The number of players is increasing all the time and the national team is only getting better and better, says Jatinder Gill.
Before they come back to the Partille Cup next time, they will prepare themselves with other balls.
– Yes, we will definitely play with balls with glue in the future, says the coach with a big smile.


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