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The islanders will come to Partille Cup this summer

To travel to Partille Cup and Gothenburg is an important part for the club H 71 from Faroe Islands. This summer, up to 400 people from the club are expected to travel here to participate in the worlds largest handball tournament.

From the small island country of the Faroe Islands, where about five percent of the population plays handball, more than 20 teams will come to the Partille Cup this summer. Handball is a major sport in the Faroe Islands and the country has the most handball players per capita in the world. It is an effect of the many investments to develop the sport and create great conditions for youths to play handball. In recent years, the national teams from Faroe Islands have performed very well, especially for some of the youth national teams, and Anna Dam from the club H 71 believes this has inspired many youths to start playing handball.

In 2019, the Faroe Islands won the European Open during Partille Cup and the team's star, Elias Ellefsen á Skipagøtu, led his Faroe Islands to a surprising victory after a final win against Sweden. Ellefsen scored ten goals in the final and 69 in total in the tournament which he completely dominated. After that, Elias was recruited to the club IK Sävehof and has had great success in the Swedish Handball League.

For the past ten years, the Faroe Islands have been represented at Partille Cup every year, every other year by H 71 and every other year by Neistin, two of the country's largest clubs. This summer, both clubs will return to Gothenburg to play handball again. According to Anna Dam, the players have trained a lot and extra hard for the Partille Cup in recent years.

Both players, leaders and parents are very happy and excited to go to Gothenburg, especially those who have not been there before are excited because they have heard so many great things about Partille Cup. Partille Cup is a fantastic experience for the individuals but also for us as a club, it is an important week together with players, leaders and parents and we are a large group that travels - we expect up to 400 persons this year. We go with all players regardless of level because we think it is of great importance for the unity of the club and for the players' desire to play handball. - Anna Dam, leader at H 71


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