Partille Cup Foundation helps young people: "Want to build a better world with the help of handball" - Partille Cup
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Partille Cup Foundation helps young people: "Want to build a better world with the help of handball"

At each tournament, Partille Cup creates the largest meeting place in the world for young handball players.

Thanks to the Partille Cup Foundation, we can help more young people get an educational and active lifestyle.

Partille Cup Foundation is a collective name for projects and efforts that Partille Cup runs to give children and young people better opportunities for an active lifestyle and the chance to be part of a larger context. Among other things, there is an opportunity for teams to apply for support from the Partille Cup Foundation. We can then help make participation in Partille Cup financially possible for the teams. This can be done through free participation or other support from our partners.

Another project is called Handball AID and involves Partille Cup collecting materials from teams, such as match shirts, shorts, handballs and shoes.
– Then we donate these to teams from countries where this material is expensive and difficult to obtain. In this way, we not only help the team but also the environment where things can be reused, says Partille Cup's general secretary Fredrik Andersson.

Partille Cup has also helped to start up handball in various places in the world. An example is the city of Nyeri in Kenya.
– There we helped with a handball tournament, so that the young people had a goal to train against. We have added education on HIV/Aids, equality and democracy. We have also had projects where developing countries in handball have been able to send teams to Partille Cup. Before the tournament, they received a week of training for both players and coaches, says Fredrik Andersson.

The purpose and goal of the Partille Cup Foundation is within the framework of our sustainability work where we want to give as many people as possible the chance to participate in the tournament, create better conditions to be able to grow as a club or individual and create relationships and belonging.
– We want to spread knowledge and understanding about our different ways of living and conditions. We simply want to build a better world with the help of handball, says the general secretary.


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