The school host: "Many want to come back to the school" - Partille Cup

The school host: "Many want to come back to the school"

Herbhet "Hebbe" Reina Rivera is one of Partille Cup's many popular and important Crew Members.

"Hebbe" (to the left) with the team leader Daniel Madsen and Daniel's daughter.

Every year, "Hebbe" asks ninth graders from the school he works at on a daily basis if they want to work as mainly dining room hosts and managers during the tournament. Last year the school's regular chef also worked during the Partille Cup.
– It's fun that I can give some youngsters summer jobs during both the Partille Cup and the Gothia Cup, says "Hebbe".

He explains how he became a Crew Member in the first place.
– I was called by someone from the Partille Cup who asked me if I could help at the Partille Cup as a school host, due to the fact that I work at Fässbergsskolan as a school host and know everything about the school. And so it became.
He has worked as a school host during both the Partille Cup and the Gothia Cup for several years.
– I help all the participants as much as I can, with, for example, where the bus goes, where the pizzeria is, medical care, etcetera. The most fun thing about being a Crew Member is to spend time with the participants and to meet other people from other countries.

How is the atmosphere at the school during the Partille Cup?
– The atmosphere at the school is fantastic. Many of my students at Fässbergsskolan come to visit me and many become friends with the cup participants. The best part is that I work as a DJ on weekends and my company sponsors the tournament with DJ mixes and lights. We have small discos in the evenings with pool and table tennis tournaments, says "Hebbe".
What are your funnest memories from your time as a Crew Member?
– That I have received so much love and respect from all participants and leaders. Many want to come back to the school because they enjoyed it, and because my students are so kind to them.
Will you be a Crew Member also during the Partille Cup 2023?
– Of course I will help you! You do a fantastic job and I'm looking forward to see my students in the ninth grade working in the dining room or with cleaning during the Partille Cup, says Herbhet "Hebbe" Reina Rivera.



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