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The undefeated Danish teams

Danish GOG 1 emerged as the winners in the final against their own clubmates, ending 17-11.

It's not just any match; it's between Danish teams GOG 1 and GOG 2.
– We have good training facilities and train together, that's how we all develop, says winner Aksel Hörlykke Jörgensen.

The rain has paused as the Danish teams GOG 1 and GOG 2 meet on Fristad Arena 2 for the final. It's hard to miss that handball is a big sport in Denmark, but two teams from the same club meeting in a final at the Partille World Cup is quite rare. Today, we saw these two teams face off in the Boys 18 category. Since the beginning of this years Partille World Cup, both teams have been undefeated. GOG 1 played with their shirts inside out to differentiate themselves from their clubmates. Player Aksel Hörlykke Jörgensen is not particularly surprised to face his teammates in the final.
– It feels okay, I don't think much about it. They are our friends, but it feels good.

The first half starts early with 1-1 and a hint of sunshine. GOG 1 then pulls ahead and leads the first half with a score of 4-10. Danish GOG 1 emerged as champions after a high-tempo match, with frequent substitutions and a lot of emotions. The team has already decided how to celebrate the win. The bus to Denmark leaves today, and the victory will be celebrated on the way.
– We will stop at a petrol station and drink beer. That's how we do it in Denmark, says Aksel.

One of the match's stars was Aksel Hörlykke Jörgensen. He was also named the match's Most Valuable Player for his performance.
– It feels good, that was the plan from the beginning, so it feels good to finally get it. But it's mostly the team's effort that I care about, he says.

GOG 1 - GOG 2
Fristad Arena 2
17-11 (11-4)



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