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“These are memories you don’t forget”

Coach Oliver knows what it means to go to Partille Cup and wants to give back the experience to his team.

Head coach Oliver Kürti, a former player himself, loves his new role on the sidelines and the possibility to help his team create the same memories that he got from taking part in the handball tournament.

Oliver is only 20 years old but has been coaching for years. He started by helping out at the club where he was also playing when the pandemic happened. Now he is the head coach of Úvaly’s B14 team.
– I decided to help as an assistant coach, then get myself a license and here I am now, head coach of these boys, says Oliver.
It's a position that he loves, with all the different aspects it entails.
– I’m enjyoing it a lot, I love them. It’s beautiful to be a coach. Hard but beautiful, he says.

Oliver went to Partille Cup himself with the same club when he was 15 years old and can draw a lot on his own experience when he talks with the team and coaches them. He had a fantastic time and now he wants to do his part in giving back to his team.
– It's something you have to experience at least once, these are memories you don’t forget, says Oliver.

The journey is long from Czech Republic, and the club does not have the possibility of sending teams every year. Oliver says that they work hard to make sure that the tournament is something that the players get to try at least once.
– You enjoy it a lot as a player. It’s why we want to live this moment here at least once throughout their career when they are kids, he says.



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