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Time to pack your bag for the tournament

Partille Cup starts next week. Therefore, it may be time to start packing your bag with everything necessary for the tournament.

On Monday, July 3, most of the Partille Cup teams arrive to Gothenburg. In other words, it's less than a week away. Before the tournament, it is important that you pack your bag with much-needed items.

In addition to obvious things such as training clothes, regular clothes, shoes, towels, shampoo, shower soap and toothbrush and toothpaste, it is very appropriate to bring sunscreen and band-aids. It can get hot and you don't want to burn yourself in the heat. And should an accident happen, it is good to have plasters close at hand. It should be added that there is also medical help available on Heden. In case of rain, it's good to bring rain clothes.

Also, don't forget the water bottle and to fill it up with water continuously. It is important to drink properly to avoid sunstroke. Remember to bring suitable clothes that are suitable for visits to, for example, the Liseberg amusement park, where you easily get wet if you ride attractions such as Flumride and Colorado. And bring swimwear in case a refreshing bath should come up.



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