Today's finals at Heden 1 - Partille Cup
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Today's finals at Heden 1

Here you can read about all the finals at Heden 1 during the final day of Partille Cup. Page will be updated during the day.

G15: BK Ydun - Rødekro-Aabenraa Håndbold 1 13-18 (7-8)

For the last match of the day, it was an all-Danish final that went down to the wire. Two tough teams were set to fight it out, and BK Ydun got off to a good start. But Rødekro-Aabenraa Håndbold 1 were not going to let the match go that easily and they dug their heels in, pushing their compatriots to step it up.

In the second half, the two teams started off slow and tiptoeing around the goal for a minute but once Rødekro got started there was no stopping the goals from coming. Cheered on by their vocal support the match was flowing and pivotal goals saw Rødekro taking the chance to pull away. At the final whistle, the pitch was flooded by the whole team and all of their supporters who were celebrating in one huge circle.
– I have no words, it’s so good. We have an amazing team, not just one but all over, says Rødekro’s Victoria Mørk Andersen.

B14: HC Zadar 2013 - IK Sävehof 1 15-16 (8-9)

The B14 final between the Croatian team HC Zadar 2013 and IK Sävehof 1 was a real thrill. The match swung all the time and was exciting right to the end. HC Zadar 2013 led by two goals a bit into the second half but IK Sävehof 1 came back and turned the tables. HC Zadar 2013 had the chance to equalize in the final seconds but IK Sävehof 1 held on and won 16-15.

Georgios Paparizios scored some very important goals at the end of the final and therefore played a key role in the Partille Cup triumph.
– The feeling is indescribable. We have wanted to win the Partille Cup for a very long time and now it happened. I've never won this tournament before. It feels really good that we were able to win. They were quite good. It was fun to play, says Georgios Paparizios.

The teenager was incredibly happy and teary-eyed after the final whistle.
– This means quite a lot. We showed our morale as a team, says the IK Sävehof player.
He does not attach much importance to the fact that he himself was responsible for decisive goals.
– It's the team that matters. Without my teammates, we would never have been able to win.
Now the whole team will celebrate together.
– We will end the day with a bath and enjoy this, says Georgios Paparizios.

G16: Tune IL - Söreide IL 17-7 (11-5)

The excitement of the tie was built into the set-up of the all-Norwegian battle to crown the first Norwegian victor of the day and the game delivered. Tune IL showed their intent early, pulling ahead with a few rapid-fire goals. They then continued to apply the pressure on their fellow compatriots. Söreide IL fought hard and managed to get a few goals back at the end of the first half. Going into the second half, Tune delivered much of the same intensity, moving around to create chances and open up the defense. It did the trick and Tune could extend their lead, wrapping up a convincing victory.
– It feels really good! We had to go home in the quarter-finals last year, so it’s really fun to get to progress from the quarters this year. It’s emotional, says Anette Paul, a coach in Tune.

What have you done differently from last year?
– It’s a team that trains really well, the girls are good at showing up to practice. We’re a big squad, which of course is an advantage in a long tournament. But no matter who is on the pitch, the whole team is behind the, says Anette.

B18: Sine - GOG 14-28 (6-14)

The B18 final was a whole Danish fight between GOG and Sine. GOG is one of the best youth handball clubs in the world. They have a lot of great youth teams and their B18 team in Partille Cup isn’t an exception. Sine did their best to keep up with GOG and took the lead with 3-0 but then GOG played fantastic and won the game by 14 goals. The team captain Lasse Sunesen Vilhelmsen scored several goals and led his team to victory. The Danes danced and sang after the final whistle.
– I’m very excited. This is the first time I win Partille Cup and it’s my third time here. They had some good minutes in the beginning, but then we levelled up and won with big numbers, says Lasse Sunesen Vilhelmsen.

They're very happy, but it won’t be much of a celebration party after this.
– We have to go home to Denmark later today, so I guess we will celebrate on the ferry.
He recently got promoted to the first team in the big club.
– I hope I can take a place on the right back in the senior team. That’s my dream, says Lasse Sunesen Vilhelmsen.

G13: Täby Handboll 1 - Skanderborg HB 1 23-13 (10-7)

Both teams set the tone from the start by firing in goals and the pace was high. Täby played the ball out quick, and made sure to come at the Danish side from all angles. Skanderborg answered by continuing to find their goals playing it down the middle, and there was still all to play for at halftime. Täby started to dominate in the second half and scored a few consecutive goals. The Danish side got a few goals back, but they could not put a stop to Täby’s attacking energy. 
How did you prepare for the match this morning?
– Pancakes with sugar! That’s the secret, says Linnea Ager, Täby team captain.

The supporters were out in full swing from the beginning to cheer on their teams. The Täby support came out in big numbers, something which was much appreciated by the players.
– The traveling support makes the whole thing 1000 times better! They create such an atmosphere, says Linnea.

B12: Kungälvs HK 2 - Hellerup IK 1 25-18 (12-6)

The Swedish team Kungälvs HK 2 dominated the B12 final against the Danish team Hellerup IK 1. They got a good lead in the first half and never let go of their secure lead . Kungälv's HK 2 played a very nice match and won by a margin of seven goals. After the final whistle, the players were completely blissful. They were so happy that they hardly knew what to do. Everyone hugged each other and showed great joy.

– This is the best thing that has happened in my entire life. I'm so incredibly happy that I don't know what to say, says Kungälv's HK 2 team captain Jack Kristensen.
He is very pleased with the team's performance in the Partille Cup final.
– We won pretty big but we played well, so it feels good. This means everything. It's the world's biggest handball tournament, so it's huge to win it. We will celebrate the win at every practice. I'm just so happy right now, says Jack Kristensen.

G11: IK Sävehof VU 1 - IK Sävehof FÖ 3  5-10 (4-4)

The team derby between the two Sävehof sides was set up to be exciting, and it did not disappoint. IK Sävehof VU 1 went ahead in the early stages, but IK Sävehof FÖ 3 did not lose focus and managed to get the win, just like they had said beforehand.
– We prepared well before the game by thinking positively and we said that if we fall behind we’re not going to get sad but focus on catching up,  says Lova Rudenström.

The stands were full of excited supporters looking forward to watching handball in the beautiful weather, and the teams delivered just that. It was a very tight first half, with VU 1 dictating the game and applying pressure. Despite this, FÖ 3 managed to hang in there and at halftime, it was all square. The second half started with a lot of action, and there were a few shots hitting the post, as well as a penalty save from the goalkeeper in VU 1. But FÖ 3 picked up the pace and managed to score some great goals, which saw them secure the win.

B21: HC Silkeborg - Torslanda HK 19-14 (8-7)

The oldest final on the boys' side was played between the Danish team HC Silkeborg and Swedish Torslanda HK. The first half was tight. At the break, only a single ball separated the teams, to the advantage of HC Silkeborg. In the second half, the Danes played great and gained a safe lead. When the match was over, HC Silkeborg, who ended the final by scoring three straight goals, had won by five balls. Team captain Tobias Lauridsen is proud of his team.
– It feels very good that we won. It's been a long week. We had one goal when we came here and that was to win the tournament. Now we stand here as champions, says Tobias Lauridsen.
He is satisfied with the team's second half of the match.
– We started the match a little bit bad but made up for it in the second half and won outright. It is very big to win the Partille Cup. It means a lot to us. This is also my last year as a junior here, he says.
How will you celebrate?
– We will perhaps celebrate with a beer or two, have fun together and just enjoy this, says Tobias Lauridsen.

G10: IK Sävehof Ö 1 - HK Aranäs 14-9 (6-5)

It was a tight game between the two Swedish sides, but in the end, IK Sävehof Ö 1 got the better of HK Aranäs, after a few goals from Sävehof’s Ronja Bergman.
– It feels really good. We defended and attacked really well so they could not get through, says Ronja Bergman. 

Sävehof started off strong but Aranäs were not far behind and coming up to half time it was very even. There was a lot of energy in the game, and strong goalkeeper displays from both teams kept the score interesting. In the second half, Sävehof managed to pull away to seal the win.



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