Today's finals at Heden 2 - Partille Cup
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Today's finals at Heden 2

Here you can read about all the finals at Heden 2 during the final day of the Partille Cup. Page will be updated during the day.

B15: HB Skandeborg 1 - Valur (6-6) 12-11

The final match of the tournament, the B15-class final between Danish Skanderborg and Icelandic Valur, was also one of the closest and most exciting matches of the tournament. Valur scored a goal, and Skanderborg responded with two. The giants took turns noting their names to the scoresheet. With the score tied at 6-6 at halftime, very few spectators could keep their nails intact.

"The atmosphere was absolutely incredible, it was fantastic. I can hardly describe it," says Skanderborg's captain, Nikolaj Kristian Holm Fuglsbjerg, after the match.

The battle continued in the second half. It became evident that every minute of the match would require the highest possible energy level from the players to force a decisive outcome. When the final whistle blew and the match came to an end, Skanderborg were deservedly crowned as champions. Skanderborg's captain had sealed the final result, 12-11, with the 10252nd goal of the B15-class and the last goal of the tournament just a few seconds earlier.

– I have no words. When I heard the final whistle, I had to lay down. This victory means so much, he says.

It was truly Skanderborg's day today. With their win in the B15-class, they also cemented their title as the best club in the tournament. Skanderborg was represented in three of today's finals and will return to Denmark with two Partille Cup trophies.

– Attending Partille Cup has become a club tradition. We are here every year, so winning the award for the best club is tremendously meaningful, concludes a tired but happy Partille Cup champion from Denmark.

G14: Raumnes & Årnes 1 - KFUM Håndball Stavanger (8-8) 12-22

All Norwegian and all tied up, 8-8 at the halfway break, as Raumnes & Årnes 1 and KFUM Håndball Stavanger battled for victory in the G15 category. With Raumnes & Årnes' tall and strong players facing Stavanger's speed and explosiveness, it was difficult to predict which team would ultimately emerge as the winner during the first half.

However, the captivating uncertainty that held the spectators' grip during the first half, vanished during the second. It only took a short while into the second half for Stavanger's players' fast counterattacks to pay off significantly. Eventually, Raumnes & Årnes couldn't keep up anymore. Once the Stavanger-girls got a taste of victory, they only got better. Fast turned into faster, even turned into uneven, and 8-8 turned into 12-21.

– As soon as we found our rhythm, things went really well. It was probably the energy level that ultimately made the difference. We never gave up on each other, and that made us better," says KFUM Håndball Stavanger's captain, Maren Lokna Hudson.

B16: HEI Håndbold 1 - Önnereds HK (7-7) 17-12

In the first half, it was a very close match between HEI Håndbold from Denmark and Önnereds HK from Sweden. Going into the break it was all square at 7-7. However, in the second half, the Danish side leveled up. They ended up scoring ten goals, whilst Önnered only scored five, meaning the Danish would walk away with the win and the trophy.
- The feeling is so nice, we have waited so long for this. We went out in the quarter-finals last year, so it feels really special to have finally won it, and hopefully, we could celebrate at the ship on our way home tonight, says the HEI Håndbold captain after the match.

G18: AGF Aarhus - Skandeborg HB 1 (7-8) 15-19

After an electric start by Skandeborg, Aarhus grew into the match, and as they went to the break it stood 8-7 to Skandeborg. In the second half, Skandeborg kept their high tempo going and was allowed to leave with the victory. The match ended 19-15 and Skandeborg was crowned champions of the G18 category.
- It feels fantastic, I love it. We have fought hard and believed in ourselves. Tonight we will celebrate, I do not know how, but we will celebrate for sure, says Dittemarie Juel, one of Skandeborg's leading players.

B13: RK Dinamo Zagreb - RK Zagreb 2 (5-10) 13-23

When the final in the B13 class was about to be decided, it was two teams from the same country, even the same city, that faced each other. The two Zagreb-based Croatian teams, RK Dinamo Zagreb and RK Zagreb 2, treated the audience to a spectacular and high-paced handball match. RK Zagreb 2 set the pace right from the start and went into halftime with a remarkable 10 goals, twice as many as their compatriots.

The second half continued in the same vein, and RK Zagreb 2 managed to double their lead before the final whistle. The Croatian clash ended as expected, with a Croatian victory of 13-23.

After the match, Nik Kazimir Ilijas, the captain of RK Zagreb 2, is satisfied with the achievement.
– It feels absolutely fantastic. It's beautiful to come here and face a team from the same city in the final. Tonight, we celebrate together, he says.

G12: BK Heid 1 - AGF Aarhus (5-7) 9-13

It was a tight first half between AGF Aarhus from Denmark and BK Heid from Sweden, who had strong support from the stands. Into the break, Aarhus had the lead thanks to some electric individual performances. The second half continued in the same manner. Aarhus continued to show off their quality, but Heid did not give up. Even though Heid gave it all until the last seconds, it was not enough, and Aarhus was the champion of the G12 category. The match ended 13-9 for the Danish side.

-  It feels really good to have won the tournament and I am happy. The most important thing is that we gave it all, and that is why we won. I think we defended strongly and we were good in front of goal as well, one of the Aarhus stars, Liv Jeznach, says.

B11: Rk Dinamo Zagreb - IFK Ystad (7-8) 14-19

With strong support from the stands, IFK Ystad took an early lead at Heden Arena 2, thanks in part to an outstanding goalkeeper who made several impressive saves in the opening minutes. However, as the Croatians found their rhythm, the goal tally began to level out. At halftime, it was a close scoreline, with IFK Ystad leading 7-8.

The second half continued where the first half left off, with both teams taking turns scoring goals. Ultimately, it was the energetic playing style of the Ystad team that prevailed. Towards the end of the half, nearly every Ystad attack resulted in a goal. The final score read 14-19. From the stands, hordes of jubilant Ystad supporters flooded onto the court, and the celebration seemed never-ending.

"I was extremely nervous before the match, but as soon as the goals started coming, everything let go. We will celebrate all night long; I'm going to swim in the Poseidon Fountain," says Albert Henriksson, IFK Ystad's team captain.

G21: HK Aranäs - Kärra HF (10-7) 17-15

In the final between HK Aranäs and Kärra HF, it was, in the end, a quite comfortable win for HK Aranäs from Kungsbacka in Sweden.
- It feels incredible. We have fought hard all week so it feels great to get the top prize, says a happy Bella Persson, the captain for Aranäs.

HK Aranäs started in the best way, but Kärra fought their way back into the game time after time. In the end, the difference grew too big, and the game ended 17-15 to Aranäs who brought home the title in the G21 category.
-  There will be a big celebration tonight with loads of singing and dancing, Bella says.

B10: IK Sävehof FÖ 2 - Kärra HF 1 (4-5) (7-7) 8-7

After a literally flying start from Kärra HF, when player number 14 jumped high to score beautifully into the top corner in the opening moments of the match, the first half was evenly contested. At halftime, when both of the Gothenburg teams gathered on the sidelines for the last tactical discussions of the tournament, the score was 4-5 in favor of Kärra HF.

The second half remained just as close. However, at the final whistle, Sävehof had managed to equalize. The first final of the day at Heden Arena 2 turned into a thrilling encounter that was decided by a "golden goal." After some back-and-forth play, it was ultimately Sävehof who came out on top as a long-range shot found its way into the net, eluding the outstretched hand of the goalkeeper. In that moment, immense joy erupted in the Sävehof camp, particularly for Elliot Palmér, 10.
– It was a tough match, Kärra played really well, but we pulled through in the end. It feels completely surreal. I will remember this match for the rest of my life, says the ecstatic Partille Cup champion.



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