Today's finals at Heden 2 - LIVE - Partille Cup
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Today's finals at Heden 2 - LIVE

Here you can read about all the finals at Heden 2 during the final day of the Partille Cup. Page will be updated during the day.

B15: Herkules - Täby Handball 1 16-13 (8-8)
The last final on Heden 2 for this year was a real thriller. Herkules from Brazil and Täby Handboll 1 from Sweden faced each other and the match was even until the end. But Herkules was a bit better in the last minutes and won the Partille Cup for the first time. The joy was amazing afterwards and the celebrations has just begun.
– I've an incredible feeling. We've been waiting for three years to play here and then we win the whole tournament. I'm so happy, says the key player Theo Suzuki.
The teammates fully agree.
– It's the best feeling in the world. We've worked hard for a very long time to get where we are now, says Nicolas Lima Mariani.
The celebration will last all evening, at least.
– We will plan a big party, we are all so happy, the player says.

G14: Skanderborg HB - Kärra HF 1 12-14 (8-7)
Skanderborg HB from Denmark started the G14 final very strong and led with four goals for a while. Then Kärra HF played better and better. At the break, the Danes led with one goal. But Kärra HF 1 changed that in the second half. They turned the game around after the break and were able to win the well-played match with 14 goals against twelve. Goalkeeper Lisia Johnsson was one of the reasons.
– It feels great to win the Partille Cup. We started the game pretty slow, but we were good in the second half, says Lisia Johnsson.
She made several important saves that contributed greatly to Kärra HF 1's win in the final.
– Yes, I made some saves. It felt good to be able to save some shots, says the goalkeeper.
She recently came to Kärra HF.
– I played for a small club in Orust before. The team split. It feels much better to play here.
The players were incredibly happy after the match and hugged for a long time.
– We will celebrate by eating a lot of sweets tonight, says Lisia Johnsson with a smile.

B16: Önnereds HK - KA 1 10-15
Önnereds HK also reached the final in the B16 category. They played against KA 1 from Iceland in the final. The game was intense and very tough. The game was tied at half time. The Icelanders had a lot of fighting spirit and that quality helped them win this tough game. KA 1 took a solid lead in the second half and won by five goals. It was crowded in the stands. Both teams had a lot of fans.
– I feel so good about our victory. We played a good game and we played well as a team. In fact, both teams were very good. The atmosphere at the match was awesome! says the player Aron Dadi Stefansson.
They will celebrate in a special way later today.
– We will go back to our school and eat lots of food and candy, the happy Icelander says.

B18: Asaa BK - Önnereds HK 17-18 (5-8)
The B18 final between Asaa BK from Denmark and Önnereds HK from Sweden was a real nail-biter in front of a large audience. Önnereds HK was slightly better in the first half but the second half was incredibly tough. The teams exchanged goals with each other but in the end the team from Gothenburg won by just one goal. Önnered HK's supporters went crazy during and after the game.
– It was a tough match, it's extra nice to win then. It feels amazing to win the Partille Cup. I've never done that before. The support from the spectators was magical. I know everyone who stands there, says the star player Pelle Segertoft, who scored several important goals in the final.
They will celebrate tonight.
– There are rumors that our coach, who is in Spain, will take a bath with his clothes on and that we will Facetime with him.
The junior national team player has played for Önnereds HK his whole life and represents the club's first team.
– I dream of being able to play abroad and live on my handball, says the 18-year-old talent.

G13: Rödekro-Aabenraa Handball - Skedsmo HK 18-11 (7-4)
The G13 final was a Nordic meeting between Rödekro-Aabenraa Håndbold from Denmark and Skedsmo HK from Norway. The Danes were the strongest team in both the first and second half and could win comfortably. When the referees blew for full time, Rödekro-Aaabenraa Håndbold had won the final with 18 goals against eleven. Afterwards, they formed a large ring with their club mates and danced victory dances. Then they finished with a classic hockey pile.
– It feels completely crazy that we have won the Partille Cup. We had a really good match. We played very well together, says Mia Todsen.
Mia and her teammates are extremely proud to have won the tournament. They rate this very high.
– We're going home to Denmark to celebrate. I will call everyone I know and tell them about the victory! says Mia Todsen.

G12: Skanderborg HB - Täby Handboll 1 14-17 (4-11)
The Danish team Skanderborg HB and Täby Handboll 1 from Sweden faced each other in the G12 final. Täby Handboll 1 started playing well immediately and took a safe lead. At half time, the Swedes led by seven balls. Skanderborg HB made a strong comeback in the second half, but it wasn't enough in the end. Täby Handboll 1 won by a margin of three balls.
– It's very funny. It's huge to win the Partille Cup. I cry of happiness, says goalkeeper Lisa Eriksson.
They had a loud group of fans that supported them during the final. Among other things, the fans sang "Lisa to the national team", which the goalkeeper heard.
– It was fun that they sang it. Now we will see how we will celebrate the victory, says Lisa Eriksson with tears in her eyes.

B11: H71 1 - IK Sävehof Ö 2 12-11 (7-6)
The final between the eleven-year-old boys in H71 1 from The Faroe Islands and IK Sävehof Ö 2 from Sweden was a hard fight. H71 1 led by one goal at the break and it looked like that for most of the match. At the end of the game, Samal Olivur Sjurdarson scored to make it 12-10 to H71 1. It turned out to be crucial for the match. IK Sävehof Ö 2 scored one last goal but didn't come closer than that. After the final whistle, the players from the Faroe Islands hugged each other and ran around and received love from the audience.
– It's great to win. It feels fantastic, says the hero Samal Olivur Sjurdarson.
The players from the Faroe Islands have enjoyed the week at the Partille Cup a lot and they now got the best possible end to the visit in Gothenburg.
– I like the tournament very much. It's very good, says Samal Olivur Sjurdarson.

G21: Kärra HF - Önnereds HK 8-18 (4-4)

The G21 final was a real Gothenburg derby between Kärra HF and Önnereds HK. In the first half, the team followed each other and the match was tied at the break. In the second half, Önnereds HK was superior. They got a big lead that they extended until the end of the game. ÖHK won with ten balls and several goals were scored by the Icelandic signing Johanna Sigurdardottir.
– These are my first matches for Önnereds HK and I start by winning the Partille Cup. I've got off to a good start. I'm very happy that we were able to win the final. It's a tough tournament, says Johanna Sigurdardottir.
She came to Gothenburg as late as last month. Soon she will also make her debut in the Swedish top league.
– I've come here to develop as a player, says the Icelander.
But first they will celebrate the Partille Cup title.
– I don't know how we will celebrate, but we will celebrate. That's for sure!

B10: HC Eynatten-Raeren - GF Kroppskultur 7-12 (4-5)
The first half between HC Eynatten-Raeren from Belgium and GF Kroppskultur from Sweden was even. At the break, there was only one goal difference between the teams, since the Belgians reduced to 5-4 with the first half's last throw. In the second half, GF Kroppskultur was the better team. The Swedes eventually won by a margin of five goals. They won the Partille Cup after winning all their eight matches. The players were very happy after the final whistle. On the podium, they received the trophy and the medals wearing matching golden hats.
– It feels great. It was even in the beginning. In the second half, we scored when we needed it, says Kevin Sandhede.
He scored the last goal of the match.
- It was a good feeling. It's very big to win the Partille Cup. Tonight I'm going to Lysekil where I will celebrate. My mother's boyfriend lives there, says the Partille Cup winner.



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