Tryst 77 HC from Scotland debuted in the Partille Cup back in 1989 - Partille Cup
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Tryst 77 HC from Scotland debuted in the Partille Cup back in 1989

The Scottish club has a tradition of participating in the Partille Cup.

Tryst 77 HC first participated in the Partille Cup back in 1989. They have been back many times since then.
– This year is our long awaited return to the Partille Cup after the pandemic, says the coach Dennis Brown.

Tryst 77 HC were formed in 1977, hence the 77 in the name. They're a club with around 100 members with teams from under 10s all the way up to senior teams for men and women. Their shirts are in Swedish colours: yellow and blue.
– We have had numerous players who have represented Scotland and Great Britain over our history and we're proud that one of our members, Lynn McCafferty, was selected to be Great Britain's captain at the Olympic Games in London 2012, says Dennis Brown.

Tryst 77 HC is located in a town called Cumbernauld which is situated between Glasgow and Edinburgh in Central Scotland.
– We're a community focussed club which focus on growing our amazing sport in all of our schools across our town and beyond. Handball is not very big in Scotland, however we along with the other eight clubs in the country are seeing our numbers grow season after season, he says.

This year will be their first time in the Partille Cup since the pandemic.
– We're excited about bringing our Boys 14 and Girls 13 teams over for the week. We try to bring as many teams as we can. Our club's first participation in the competition was back in 1989, however we had players who’s first time in Partille Cup was in 1985!
He continues:
– My first experience was as a 17-year-old back in 1999 when the competition was still held in Partille. Since then and as I got into coaching, I felt that that every player should experience the biggest and best tournament in the world.

What are your goals for the tournament?
– Our goals are that all my players get to experience Partille Cup, develop their skills against the best players from all over the world and most importantly have fun! Our players are so excited for July, says Dennis Brown.



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