TSG Münster will arrive to Gothenburg with twelve teams - Partille Cup
Partille Cup

TSG Münster will arrive to Gothenburg with twelve teams

The Partille Cup is a tradition for TSG Münster from Germany. This summer, they will come here with twelve teams.

TSG Münster can’t wait for this year’s edition of the Partille Cup.
– It’s a tradition. The first time that the club played in the Partille Cup was 2007, says the coach Tim Dreier.

TSG Münster is a club were you can play handball and do gymnastics, athletics, biking and karate.
– Handball is the second largest department of the club with round about 75 adult handball players. The youth department is very big. We have about 320 youth handball players in eleven boys teams, seven girls teams and three mixed teams, as the very young players can play mixed. The club started in 1883 as a gymnastics and athletics club. The handball department was founded in 1925, says Tim Dreier.
You will participate with twelve team in the Partille Cup. What do you like about the tournament?
– I like the atmosphere the most. So many players from so many nations and they want all the same: playing handball and have fun the whole week. The opening ceremony, beautiful evenings in school with all our teams, Liseberg and so on. You can't get such an atmosphere like in the Partille Cup nowhere else. And of course, the best part for us leaders is the Leaders Party, haha. Most of the people in our leaders team are leaders or players from the last years.

TSG Münster has been here many times. When they were here for the first time back in 2007, Tim played in the B18 team.
– It was an incredible experience. Because of this experience, I was motivated to enable others to do the same. And this is my motivation until now. So since 2013, I have been the main leader of our trip and year for year we get bigger.
What are your goals with the Partille Cup adventure? What can the players learn?
– The main goal for my club is teambuilding and identification with our club. There are not many clubs in Germany which organise such a big event. And unfortunately the number of handball players in Germany is getting smaller, so it's very important to bind young people to the club in the long term. Young people learn about responsibility, friendship and, of course, how to get in touch with other nations.
What are you looking forward to the most?
– I’m looking forward to one week with only handball, with many new contacts, much fun, great games and evenings and so on, says Tim Dreier.



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