Västra Frölunda's winning team from 1972 celebrates its 50th anniversary - Partille Cup
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Västra Frölunda's winning team from 1972 celebrates its 50th anniversary

In 1972, Västra Frölunda's juniors won gold in the Partille Cup. In connection with the 50th anniversary, the team will be reunited and relive old memories at the same time as they will visit this year's edition of the Partille Cup.

In 1972, Västra Frölunda was one of the leading junior clubs in Sweden. Their juniors with players born in 1954 and 1955 achieved great success in tournaments in various places in the Nordic countries. A highlight was when the team won the Partille Cup after a victory over Norsten in the final.
– 1972 was not like yesterday! Partille Cup was big then but not as big as it is now. The clubs that were good, like Västra Frölunda, became a certain type of role model for Sävehof. This team in Frölunda was the first youth team I took care of. I ran in to some players a while ago and then we said that we will gather to celebrate the 50th anniversary, says coach Håkan Drath.

He has good memories from when Västra Frölunda became Partille Cup champions 50 years ago.
– We borrowed an empty apartment on Ljungkullen for a few days. We played against teams we did not meet so often. The size of the tournament then and now is like two different planets, but meeting teams from other countries was big back then. Several players in the team then became first team players, such as the goalkeeper Thomas Johansson. He later also played for Sävehof, which I led up to the top division (season 1986-87), he says.

In 1972, the Partille Cup was played at Vallhamra in Partille.
- There we first had to play on asphalt and then on gravel. Partille Cup was played there until 2002, when it started to be played at Heden instead.
Fittingly, the reunion begins at Vallhamra on 6 July.
– We will take with us the old clothes we had in 1972. It was as someone said: "either the clothes have shrunk or we have become bigger". We will have a common thing, where we first meet at Vallhamra and then move into town and grab a bite to eat and talk about memories. We will also go to Heden and see what the Partille Cup looks like today, says Håkan Drath.

He has had contact with several players over the years.
– It will be great fun to meet everyone again. 13 out of 15 who participated then will come. Some have not met in over 30 years! I do not think everyone will recognize each other. This should be fun, says the legendary coach.

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