We are now officially Partille World Cup - Partille Cup
Partille World Cup

We are now officially Partille World Cup

Partille Cup changes name to Partille World Cup. The change is part of the tournament's future investment in growth and increased internationalization.

The world's largest, and most international, youth handball tournament is changing its name. The Partille Cup is now called Partille World Cup. The new name reflects the size of the tournament and its international nature.

- We need to reflect what we are. We are the world's largest and most international handball tournament. With the name change, there will be a clearer association between the name and the tournament's size and status, says Fredrik Andersson, General Secretary.

Partille World Cup was already started as the "Junior Cup 1963" in Partille municipality. After a break of a few years, a restart took place in 1970, which is considered the origin of the Partille Cup. Partille was the base for the tournament until 2003. From the summer of 2004, the tournament was moved to Gothenburg, with Heden as the base, and raised the event to one of Sweden's largest, all categories.

Annually, 23000 participants are welcomed who play 5000 matches around Gothenburg. Over the years, 97 countries from all continents have participated. The organizer, then as well as now, is IK Sävehof.

- It is the teams and the participants from all corners of the world that make the tournament unique and create a meeting place for the world's youth, regardless of cultural background or nationality, with handball as the common denominator, says Fredrik Andersson.

Now Partille Word Cup is taking new steps towards the future, which will mean growing and increasing international participation even more. Recently, Fristads, one of Sweden's largest manufacturers of work clothes, was also presented as a main partner and is part of the same investment in the future. Just like Partille World Cup, Fristads is a Swedish business with a long tradition as an internationally known brand in its industry.

- Our children are our future, and we are both proud and happy to be able to contribute to more playing joy among young people from all corners of the world. We see the Partille World Cup as the perfect partner to enable more people to experience the community that sports builds, a community that creates interest and understanding across national borders, says Petra Öberg Gustafsson, CEO of Fristads.

The entire change is embodied in a new logotype with a name change and Fristads as Presenting Partner.



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