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SIK Søndermarken: "It will be legendary"

SIK Søndermarken will come to the Partille Cup with 75 players and ten leaders.

SIK Søndermarken will come to the Partille Cup with many players and leaders. They can’t wait to travel to Gothenburg.
– It will be legendary, again, says the coach Michael Hansen.

SIK Søndermarken is an old traditional club.
– We're based on good values ​​- in the Danish association culture. We're from Viborg - which has proud handball traditions, and we belong to Sydbyen. We've a very large association with around 25 teams from U7 to U15 boys and girls. We celebrate community, orderliness and not least the love of handball. In 2023, we expect to field 85 players and leaders from SIK Søndermarken, divided between U13 girls and U15 boys and girls, in the Partille Cup. And yes, we're very happy, says Michael Hansen.

How would you describe your teams? What are the players good at?
– Our teams - U15 boys - are a group of 32 boys who love the community and togetherness around handball and life in the hall. We work a lot with individual competence in both defense and attack. We have got a good bond in the 3-2-1 defense and play a nice and fast handball, at times. We play the man-man game and we have some openers in the toolbox as plan B. Our goal is that people and ourselves shall smile when they see us play.

What do you think of the Partille Cup? What is the best thing about the tournament?
– The atmosphere, the community and many struggles in a little week. Partille, which I myself visit for the fourth time, spreads joy and energy, and the Partille Cup has some healthy values ​​regarding the spread of handball throughout the world, as well as focusing on community, openness and love. We like that. There is a good fighting spirit, which can form the basis for good development of all players.

What are your best memories from previous Partille Cup competitions?
– Our greatest experience was when we met and won over IK Sävehof in the 1/8 final this year. Many spectators were present at Heden, and 90 percent were from Gothenburg - of course - but what a match and fight. IK Sävehof were huge favourites, but the ball was round and the sun was shining on both sides, and we had the margins. It was so nice. 

What do the players think about being allowed to play the Partille Cup again? What are they most looking forward to?
– I think all our players are looking forward to the bus ride to Frederikshavn with the girls. The ferry crossing with the - most often - fine buffet. The many matches, the relaxation at the hotel after a long day on the courts, and of course the community within SIK Søndermarken, but of course also all the new relationships and friendships that are created between nations and teams.

You have made a large hotel reservation for the club. How many people will you be traveling with?
– We expect to come with 75 players and ten leaders. And we're getting quite a lot of support from our parent group and not least the club's own youth committee and board are very supportive of the event. We're very grateful for that. It will be legendary, again, says Michael Hansen.


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