Webb and result pages updated!

Our web as well as pages for results and match schedule has got a major update. The pages have got a completely new design and of course adapted for your smart phone.

Now you can easily find the results from previous tournaments from 2012 onwards. All the features, facts and statistics that were previously exclusive to our app can now also be found on the web.

New design
The new design is adapted for the web as well as the phone's smaller screen. You will now find all the facts and statistics about the teams and matches that were previously only available in our app.

The new pages have a dark mode that is kinder to the eyes in dark environments. 

We have made it easier to see which nations and teams from each nation that are participating.

Partille Cup ID
Now you can create your own account and customize the information just for you. By marking teams as favorite, you get custom schedules and easy access to the teams you want to follow. You can also "pin" a match on the screen so you can continue navigating around the page without losing focus from the important match.

With your account, you get access to all live streamed matches, the opportunity to comment on matches and much more.

Results from previous tournaments
We have made it easy for you to see the results from previous tournaments. All matches, goals, statistics and more from 2012 and onward is now available.


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