When the world is ready, so are we! - Partille Cup

When the world is ready, so are we!

This year has been special in many ways. We are aware that Covid-19 has changed the lives for a lot of people and left few untouched. In times like these, there must still be positive things to look forward to and be able to be happy about.

We fully understand that the situation is different in various countries. We also do not know what the situation will be like next summer during the Partille Cup. But we want to be clear about that we want to see a tournament in the summer of 2021. We will of course follow the development closely. Health and safety are always the first priority in our work.

Thousands of young people dream of next summer’s adventure, and we want to do everything we can to give them a tournament. Sport means a lot to many young people and in a situation like this, the cohesion that team sports create is even more important. When you are ready – so are we!

There will be better times, stay strong – stay positive!



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