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Celebrate the Game – the campaign for everyone's well-being

Celebrate the Game will make sure everyone has a pleasant experience at Partille Cup.

This year, Partille Cup will have a campaign called Celebrate the Game.

The Campaign is about creating a better environment for all, on as well as off the courts.
– We want to show that this, this is handball, says Fredrik Andersson, General Secretary for Partille Cup.

The campaign Celebrate the Game will for the first time be a part of Partille Cup. Celebrate the game is a Fair Play-project that salutes all the good that handball has to offer. There are several action-plans that has been put forth to secure that the campaign is complied with.

– We’ll encourage everyone to our four different values to show that this is youth handball. We want to show that referees, leaders and volunteers are human and encourage parents to cheer for both teams, says Fredrik Andersson.

Celebrate the Game is set on four values: This is youth handball, The referees are human, The coaches are volunteers and Parents cheer for everyone.

By treating each other well, according to the values, the hope is to have a tournament that has a wonderful, tough, developing, embracing and pleasant match environment.

– There’s no incident that has caused us to do this. We think that handball is a just sport but that it can be better. We want to communicate this to players, leader but also the crowd that comes to see the games and sometimes wonders what this is. We want to show them that this, this is handball.

Delegates will also be around the courts. Their mission will be to be present and to explain the spirit of Celebrate the Game.

There’ll also be referee observers as a part of Celebrate the Game. They’ll help the referees with feedback and decide the referees for the play-offs and the finales.

 There’ll also be a Fair Play Trophy. Everyone can nominate a team or a participant that they think has acted according to the spirit of Celebrate the Game.

– It can be that you’ve acted in an exemplary way towards referees, opponents or other officials. It can be that you’ve been supportive towards both team and that you’ve created a great match environment. It all then comes to a jury that chooses the ones that has acted most accordingly to what we stand for, says Andersson.

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