Today's finals at Heden 1 - LIVE - Partille Cup
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Today's finals at Heden 1 - LIVE

Here you can read about all the finals at Heden 1 during the final day of the Partille Cup. Page will be updated during the day.

G15: TH Niedersachsen - IF Stjernen 18-11 (7-6)

Even if the final score may seem lopsided this was a very well-played and even game up until the final ten minutes. In the end though, German team Niedersachsen got the better of Danish team Stjernen.
- We had an amazing goalie and were efficient in our offense. So happy to win the gold after a wonderful week with Partille Cup, says coach Christine Witte.

A very intense and close game for around three quarters, the Niedersachsen goalkeeper made a few impressive and important saves, denying Stjernen to catch up with ten minutes left. After that, the German team continued to shoot extremely well, making the final score 18-11.

B14: Leipzig SC DHFK - Hjortshöj Egå IF 17-13 (9-3)

German team Leipzig beat Danish team Hjortshöj in an exciting game where Leipzig took the lead early and never reliquished it.
Coach Michael Schneider was very pleased with the result.
- We have a lot of good players on our team, Hjortshöj I think had a nice game but we deserved the win, he says.
Indeed, in the first half Leipzig seemed in control of the game and went to halftime with a 9-3 lead. Hjortshöj, however, changed their tactics in the second half and got as close as 13-11 before two penalties and a few more goals gave Leipzig the victory.

G16: IK Sävehof 1 - AGF Aarhus 7-15 (1-9)

A very efficient AGF Aarhus won the Girls 16 class over IK Sävehof. It was the Danish team's last game together as a team, so talk about a perfect ending.
- We're so happy! We played good defense and also managed to counter really well, I think I had like five assists or so in the first half, Aaarhus goalkeeper Zania Hald Madsen said.

The Danes took the lead early one, mainly scoring on counters and really never looked back. IK Sävehof tried to get back after being down eight goals in the half but were unable to get close.

B13: H 71 1 - Hjortshöj Egå IF 13-11 (8-7)

We had yet another close game in the finals, as H 71 1 from Faroe Islands beat Danish team Hjortshöj Egå IF by two goals.
- We've had an amazing week with a wonderful atmosphere and to crown it with a win over a really good team feels fantastic, says coach Simon Olsen.
H 71 had a slight lead at the half and as there were few goals scored at the beginning of the second half, looked like they might hold on for the win. The Danes never gave up but couldn't penetrate H 71's defense. So the game ended with the gold medal headed to the Faroe Islands.
You can read more about the H 71 team here.

B12: Hörning Handbold - Virum Sorgenfri HK1 12-11 (6-7)

Hörning Handbold won the all-Danish final in the Boys 12 tournament, beating fellow countrymen Virum Sorgenfri HK1 by one goal.
- So happy for this win! A really well-played, close game and of course it feels good to beat another Danish team, says Niklas Pallesen, coach for Hörning.
Both teams stayed very close in the score during the whole game and it seemed that whoever scored last would win. So when Hörning scored twice in the final minutes it also meant that they were champions.

F11: BK Heid - Neistin 11-5 (5-1)
BK Heid from Sweden won the gold in the Girls 11 tournament, defeating Neistin from Faroe Islands 11-5. Torbjörn Brunström, leader for BK Heid, was both proud and happy with the win.
- I am so happy for the girls, they've done a great tournament. Neistin is a good team but our defense held up well today, he says.

BK Heid took the lead early on in the game and held it for the enirety of the game. Early in the second half Neistin came within two goals but the Swedes held on and won the game and the cup.

B21: Lugi HF - Hjortshöj Egå IF 18 - 20 (15 - 15)

In a close and exciting game Danish team Hjortshöj Egå IF won the game and the tournament, beating Swedish team Lugi HF 20 - 18.
- A really close game, either team could have won I think. But we got two goals and I had two saves to give us the win in the end, says Jonas Sapien, goalkeeper for Hjortshöj.

Both teams kept pace on the scoreboard in an intense and exciting match, Lugi supporters cheering their team on from the stands. In the final five minutes, however, the Danes scored three goals in a row after being down 18 - 17, bringing the gold medal home to Denmark.

G10: IK Sävehof VU 2 - IK Sävehof FÖ 2 10 - 4 (6 - 1)

The first final of today was won by Team VU 2 from IK Sävehof by 10 goals to 4 (6 - 1).
- We've had a fantastic week and it's been great to see our players develop during the tournament, says William Vinterstedt, coach for Team VU 2.

Team VU 2 took the lead, going up 6 - 0 before FÖ 2 got on the scoreboard. It was a well-played game between two really good teams with the crowd cheering both teams on, you love to see it.
Team VU 2 played really good defense, making it difficult for Team FÖ 2 to get clear shots at goal.
Isabelle Albrechtson Apelgren scored seven goals and the team managed 90 goals in eight games. IK Sävehof also had teams finishing in 3rd and 4th place in the class.


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