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July 5-10, 2021

The latest tournament featured over 1400 teams from 52 nations. We want to continue to create the world’s largest meeting place for young handball players. A place for everyone regardless of differences in skin color, culture or gender. Where respect and understanding are fundamental. Where the opportunity to play handball with thousands of young people from all over the world is the tool to also create a better world. A world of handball.

See you 2021!

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Here you can register your team for the Partille Cup. The registration period ends April 1.


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The Partille Cup is not only handball matches. It’s so much more. See what happens during the week.

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When the world is ready so are we!

2 December 2020

This year has been special in many ways. We are aware that Covid-19 has changed the lives for a lot of people and left few untouched…

Book your hotel stay!

15 October 2020

Would you like to arrive to the matches with extra charged batteries? Then we can highly recommend…

Record of registrations for 2021

10 September 2020

When the registration for Partille Cup 2021 opened up earlier today it was a record of teams…

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The week

At Partille Cup you will experience a wide range of activities. Not only handball games. Be sure to plan your week carefully so you don’t miss out anything.

A tournament for youth between 10-21

Partille Cup is open to all the club teams in the world. School teams from countries outside the Nordic region are also allowed to participate. From countries that, according to the IHF, are not classified as A- or B-nation, National or Regional teams may also participate in the tournament.

Prices & Categories

Find out what category that best suits your team and conditions. More

Stay at hotel

Instead of staying at a school, you can choose to stay at a hotel. More

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Getting here

Travelling to Gothenburg is easy. Find out the easiest way here. More

Discover Gothenburg

Gothenburg is the home town of Partille Cup and it is a city that has a lot of great things to offer. Between the matches you can, for example, visit the largest amusement park in Scandinavia – Liseberg. This is one of our most popular activities during the week! The city also offers good shopping, great food and cosy places and parks where you can hang out. You can also easily take a tram – or a ferry – to visit our beautiful archipelago. (Photo:  Per Petersson)

iPhone App

 Latest news,  tournament info, tournament rules and of course all the matches.  Select your favourite teams to find them easier next time and to recieve push messages with the result immediately after the final whistle


Just the same as the iPhone app, but made for android phones and dowloaded from the android market. All features from the iPhone app with all teams, playing schedule, live results and more. 

When the world is ready so are we!
Aiming for July 5-10 2021!

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When the world is ready so are we!

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The registration for 2021 is now officially open. Welcome to register your team for the next epic adventure. 🥳🏆
#partillecup #worldofhandball

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Today at 10:00 CET we will open up the registration for Partille Cup - World of Handball 2021. Are you ready? ❤️✨🙏🥳 (link in bio)
#partillecup #worldofhandball #welcomeworld

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One day left😊. Tomorrow at 10:00 CET we will open up the registration for Partille Cup-World of Handball 2021. 🤾🏽‍♀️🏆❤️
#partillecup #worldofhandball

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Two days left until the registration for Partille Cup - World of Handball 2021 opens! 👏😊#worldofhandball #partillecup ...

612 6

Did you remember that we beat the world record last year?😉 We aimed for a world record in live streaming and we did it! We live broadcasted 2,543 games from 40 courts over five days. How cool😝 #partillecup #handball #worldofhandball #livestream ...

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Does your team practice during the summer? If yes, how often?☀️😃 #partillecup #worldofhandball #handball ...

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A beautiful night from last years opening ceremony when we celebrated 50 years🎊 Were you there?😍#partillecup #handball #worldofhandball #openingcermony ...

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This trophy would today be awarded to 18 winning teams that fought all the way to the gold🏆 Instead, we postpone the excitement and continue practice until next years tournament. Who will then be the 18 lucky teams😜 #partillecup #handball #worldofhandball #trophy ...

789 4

Throwback to a typical day at Heden😍 What weather do you prefer play handball in?☀️☁️🌧#partillecup #handball #worldofhandball ...

1194 9

Today was going to be the day when most of you would arrive to Gothenburg. The ones traveling with our Partille Cup-train usually gets welcomed by the GB clown. But we'll keep the ice cream in the freezer for 2021! ...

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It’s Sunday and week 26 is going to an end, which means that next week is....😱❣️ What does week 27 mean?😉 #partillecup #worldofhandball #handball ...

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Good morning🌝 Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone💪🏼🌟 #worldofhandball #partillecup #handball ...

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The feeling when it’s Friday again🤪 Have a great weekend✌🏼 #handball #worldofhandball #partillecup ...

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Although this year wasn’t what we had hoped and worked for. We still continue to support each other👊🏻 A big shoutout to our partners✨ #partners #partillecup #handball #worldofhandball ...

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A throwback from last years tournament✌🏼A picture of our official and social partner Toyota together with their sponsored team from Nepal ☺️ We are longing to create more unforgettable memories together with our partners, participants, referees, functionaries and visitors🎉 #handball #partillecup #worldofhandball ...

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We are very happy and proud of all the wonderful reviews we have received regarding the tournament. Our rating is 4,8 (out of five) on Facebook. Do you also want to make a review or read what others think about Partille Cup? Just click on the link below to read the comments. 

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